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three mason jar candles with herbs in them and the words diy evergreen & herb mason jar candles
Evergreen Pressed Rosemary Candles {How to Make Herbal Candles}
DIY Evergreen and Herb Scented Mason Jar Candles
two oranges that have been cut in to look like jack - o'- lanterns
Make your own candle in an orange peel. Would probably smell citrus-ish
there are lemons that have been cut in half
three wine bottles with candles in them on a table
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Wine Bottle Candle Holder Centerpieces by MoonshineLamp on Etsy, $69.00
three different shots of lipstick and candles on a table with the words crayon + wax candles
Create your own custom color candles with this simple crayon and soy wax candle tutorial.
a muffin tin filled with lots of oranges being poured on top of it
Homemade Beeswax Tea Light Candles: Easy DIY
How to Make Your Own Beeswax Tea Light Candles
an info poster explaining how to make the candle
Everything You Need to Know About Making Your Own Candles
ll-natural and chemical free, beeswax is a byproduct of the honey-making process, and because of this has a naturally sweet fragrance. More expensive than paraffin, it can be pur
the process of making egg decorations is shown in three different stages, including being painted purple and white
Turn an Old Candle Into a New One for Next to Nothing
Use all your leftover candles to make this candle votive. Instructions help you make the round votive and also add the wick inside. Easy trick to use every last bit of your candle.
the process to make colorful candles is shown in multiple pictures and then being put into cups
Fantastic Homemade Candle Recipes
Color Block Crayon Candles. Using old crayons on hand to create this lovely and fun block candles for your home. You can ask your kids to help you. They will have great fun to stir crayons with wax.
candles and other items are on the table
diy project: ashley’s vintage tin candles
DIY - Vintage Tin Candles - Full Step-by-Step Tutorial. As a note... to obtain flat tops after cooling, place in oven for about 10 minutes at 120°F until top layer of wax is melted. Remove from oven and let cool. Voila, flat surfaces.
there are many glasses and bowls on the table
make candles out of unusual holders... love this idea...
there are many small boxes on the plates
Heminredning, inredning, inspiration
Började gjuta ljus sommaren-06. Sedan dess har jag inte kunnat sluta! I detta albumet delar jag med mig av min teknik.. Tända ljus är väl mysigt? Nu kan du börja göra dina egna, vilket är både ekonomiskt, miljömedvetet och kreativt. . Alla ljus -förutom självsläckande- funkar att gjuta med, såväl...