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a black mask with red accents on it's face is shown against a white background
Ghanaian wood mask, 'In Silence' - Handcrafted African Wood Mask
With eyes closed this beautiful visage is covered with ornate aluminum repousse. It is a traditional mask used in funeral rites by the chief priest of the Yiku clan of Ghana's Volta Region. The ceremony expels the souls of the recently dead. The almost invisible mouth makes it sacred because of the silence during funerals designer Evelyn Kafui Ahianyo explains. Its possession assures protection while averting misfortune.
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africa posts - Virtual Artifacts
two chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with art on it
Ruanda, als hätte Henri Rousseau es gemalt: zu Besuch im dunklen Herz des Waldes
two sculptures are sitting on top of each other
bronzen beelden Kieta Nuij | Kieta Nuij, Beelden in Brons
an artistic stair case painted with black and white designs
Här är världens vackraste trappor - kreativ gatukonst på en helt ny nivå