December 2022

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a list for movies that are being watched by people in their 20s's and 40's
60 Best Romantic Comedies For Movie Night - Perhaps, Maybe Not
snow covered trees in the foreground with pink sky and clouds behind them at sunset
Beauty in all things...
Casual, Haken, Giyim, Kaos, Personas, Breien, Tricot, Styl, Style
a brown dog laying on top of a wooden floor next to a white radiator
a dog is standing in the snow next to a man holding his paw up and looking at the camera
Tout sur votre chien - Petohaku
the sun is setting over the ocean with birds flying in the sky
a black dog sitting in the back of a boat
Happy Pups on vacation
an open window looking out onto a lush green field with trees and hills in the distance
a brown dog laying on top of a leather couch