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an abstract painting with circles and dots
Bloom Baby Bloom | LOTTA TAMBA
Bloom Baby Bloom
Best time to live RIGHT NOW ❤️‍🔥 Mixed Media Collage Art by artist LOTTA TAMBA
an abstract painting with the word peace written on it and a hand in the middle
Mainteinance | Galleri Zeitgeist
My Life My Style
an abstract painting with pink and green circles
Mainteinance | Galleri Zeitgeist
Do You Get It
an image of a painting on the wall with flowers and animals in it's frame
Vego Prego 1
Art by LOTTA TAMBA Vegan Recycling Art by Swedish artist Lotta Tamba Energy art, Energikonst, vegansk konst, djur, animals groda, frog, ko, cow, solros, sunflower
mixed media collage with words and images on it, including an image of a woman in pink
Today I Want To
Art by LOTTA TAMBA Swedish Multi media Artist Intuitive Recycling Art Inspirerande Energikonst Collage, love to love Deluxe
a collage of a woman in a dress and hat with flowers on her head
Vad Gör Du?
Art by LOTTA TAMBA "What are You Doing?" Intuitive Recycling Art Energimålning, Blandteknik Collage, hund, hjälm, blå, lila, gul, rosa Blommor i sitt hår
an abstract painting with pink and blue colors
Art By LOTTA TAMBA Intuitive Recycled Art Swedish artist based i Stockholm Energikonst, Inspirerande konst Inspiering energy art pink collage face awakening
an art work is displayed in a frame with many different things on it and the words you
It´s Your Show
Art by LOTTA TAMBA Recycled Energy Art Intuitive Multi Media Art Swedish Artist Blandteknik Kollage Målning Express Yourself
an abstract painting with various colors and shapes
Going My Way
Recycling Art by LOTTA TAMBA Swedish Intuitive artist Mixed media Energy art Collage, pink, purple, multicolor, acrylic
Intuitive Mixed Media Art by Swedish artist Lotta Tamba. Artwork
Kiss My Ass
Art by LOTTA TAMBA Swedish artist Mixed media intuitive Recycling Art Energikonst Collage, purple, pink, blue, yellow, faces, ass,