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a close up of a dog's face with a quote written on the side
One of my favourite quotes... (by Roger Caras)
there are many cookies made to look like dogs
keep calm and go pokes poster with the words'keep calm and go pokes '
The Health Benefits of Bananas
The health benefits of bananas.
a small pug dog standing on its hind legs with his paw in the air
a pug dog with its mouth open and tongue out
Fanny Karst Prima Darling Fashion, Outfits, Lady, Women Models, Older Women, Ageless Style, Old Women, Women, Fashion Trends
Fashion Outlier Fanny Karst is devoted to older ladies, here's why.
Fanny Karst Prima Darling
an older woman in pink is making the peace sign with her hand and wearing sunglasses
⁣ Part of my self-love spiritual practice has been becoming aware of the ways that society, culture + history has sent me messages that I should settle for less than I’m worth.⁣ ⁣ That it’s acceptable for me to stay small. That I shouldn’t achieve greatness in career. That I should just take what I can get in relationships, in love, in life.⁣ ⁣ My evolution has been a revolution of radical ownership of my worthiness and rejecting any measure outside of myself that diminishes
an orange vw beetle parked in a parking lot
Orange VW
a woman with large round glasses and orange scarf on her head is posing for the camera
Photo Storage