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a statue of a woman with flowers in her hair
Skulpturen 2007-2010
Nr. 27 "Leben & Vergehen" 2
an outdoor sculpture with candles in the shape of crescents
Lichtsegel Töpferei Busse Keramik Art Ingrid und Harald Busse
Lichtsegel auf der Blumeninsel Mainau
a candle is sitting in the middle of a flower shaped plant with leaves around it
Gartendekoration -
pottery flower candle holder for the garden ♥️
a potted succulent is sitting on a stick in the woods with other plants
ewartha -
Stick in another plant?
two ceramic pots with plants in them sitting on a stone slab near some grass and bushes
Resultado de imagen para jardines con plantas suculentas
three ceramic pots with plants in them on a black counter top next to gold and green beads
Керамические изделия Federico Becchetti
Керамические изделия Federico Becchetti
many different bowls and spoons are shown in this collage, including one with a bird on it
Uses of Pottery in the Kitchen
Ceramics by Ana Haberman. More
three red and white flowers are in the grass
Gartenkeramik - Keramikmanufaktur - Keramik - Gartenkeramik - Keramikwerkstatt - Gartenkeramik
two decorative bowls sitting on top of a rock
Gartendekoration -
a blue candle is sitting in a glass bowl
Ceramic Clay Candle Holder Pottery Luminary Ceramic Candle | Etsy
Ceramic Clay Candle Holder Pottery Luminary Ceramic Candle
a candle is lit in a ceramic bowl
Clay Candle Holder Set Wedding Candle Wedding Centerpiece | Etsy
Clay Candle Holder Ceramic Free Formed by SueDicksonGallery
two candles sitting on top of a marble table
White or Blue Lotus Tea Light Candle Holder
Lotus Tealight Candle Holder