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an image of the japanese symbol for x on a black background with chinese characters below it
My contribution to the Dystopian LOGO design. Mitsubishi.
Dystopian LOGO design ...
an abstract poster with the words'be bold'in multicolored letters on white paper
Rock Out With Reimagined Vintage Concert Posters
Drawing from his love of punk rock and Swiss modernism, NYC-based graphic designer Mike Joyce has been busy producing an on-going project called swissted. He's re-imagining vintage punk, hardcore, new wave and indie rock show flyers into typographic modern posters.
a bunch of papers that are on top of each other in front of a wall
Japanese Poster: Design promotion in Japan. Ryohei Kojima. 1989 | Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design
Japanese Poster: Design promotion in Japan. Ryohei Kojima. 1989 - Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design
an orange and yellow poster with chinese writing on it
Noodle World 2013
I love this poster by Korean designer Chae Byung-rok. His web site is currently down, but you can see more of his work on It's N
an advertisement for the news with different symbols and colors on it's back side
Tylor Macmillan
Tylor Macmillan - Album on Imgur
a poster with the names of several different types of things in each language, including words and numbers
an image of a man fishing in the ocean with other people around him and on the water
Ruohan Wang continues to wow with her public art installations
the book cover for good - gledd, the end of the world as we know it by ker auletta
Milton Glaser | The Work | Penguin Press
an album cover for the new york film festival, with colorful lines and shapes on it
Milton Glaser | The Work | New York Film Society
the san francisco art book fair poster
No. 253: Rare Saul Bass Posters, a Publication Celebrating Experimental Sound Art, a Huge New Studio Dumbar Motion Project + More
Stewart Lee, History, Stanley Kubrick, United Artists, Robert De Niro, Saul Bass, History Design, West Side Story
Saul Bass. Poster for the film Anatomy of a Murder directed by Otto Preminger. 1959 | MoMA
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
an advertisement for human rights week with the words human rights week written in bold font
Human Rights Week by Saul Bass (UNESCO, 1965). Poster (18" X 24").. | Lot #86587 | Heritage Auctions
a man sitting at a bar reading a book in front of an array of records
Adventures in Record Collecting. A book about vinyl records collectors » Dust & Grooves doing Japan – Part 1
there are many bookshelves in the room