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an assortment of food sitting on top of a table next to eggs and lemons
Photography: Lena Emery takes remarkable food photos for Black Isle Bakery
Lena Emery takes remarkable food photos for Black Isle Bakery - Le Gourmand
a woman sitting in front of a vase filled with leaves and flowers on top of a table
alex-quisite: “ Maria Van Nguyen pretty much everything, but always exquisite !! ”
a pink plate with white flowers on it
Bazzeccole Art Blog
solsetur: “ Wolfgang Tillmans ”
a doughnut covered in sprinkles and white frosting next to a cup of coffee
Martin Parr's Unusual Take on International Cuisine
Tokyo, Japan, 1998
a piece of meat with eggs and cheese on it
Irving Penn: Still Life 1984
a white plate topped with cheese and meat
Recent Work 5
Recent Work 5 | Martin Parr
a cup of coffee next to some dice and cards
irving penn flowers - Google Search
a vase filled with green plants sitting on top of a washing machine next to a dryer
Wolfgang Tillmans. Contrast of natural leafs in white washed kitchen
an apple and two cherries sit on a table next to a handbag that is gold
Walter Schupfer Management
Walter Schupfer Management - Photographers : Melanie + Ramon
a vase filled with flowers next to a bottle of liquid and hearts on a table
theleoisallinthemind: “source: unknown ”
an open oyster shell with money and a blue beetle in it on a white surface
Classic Irving Penn. From
red, white and blue flowers in a vase on a wooden table next to a box
Take the mare or lose the halter
several different types of seafood on display in a glass bowl, including crab legs and lobsters
Wolfgang Tillmans' new book turns his lens on the wider world with jaw-dropping results
Wolfgang Tillmans