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stairs lead up to the top of an old brick wall
Kuelap Peru: Ancient Fortress Of The Cloud Warriors - Hidden Inca Tours
Fortaleza de Kuelap-Chachapoyas-Perú. BELLO VESTIGIO DE UNA GRAN CULTURA. #peru #southamerica #travel #inca #ruins
stairs lead up to the top of an old stone building with moss growing on it
the mountains are covered in multicolored sand
10 Amazing Experiences To Have Across The World
the colorful buildings are all over the hill side in this city, and it looks like they have been built on top of each other
Lima . Prou
the ruins of machaca picach are surrounded by mountains
Machu Picchu, Peru | Complete List of the New 7 Wonders
an old church in the middle of a city with mountains in the background and people walking around
Cusco, Perú
two people are standing on the top of a hill with colorful hills in the background
several balls of yarn sitting on top of a blanket in the grass next to each other
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a woman sitting in front of a basket filled with yarn
Artesanos 2.0
Colorful Peru
a blue train traveling down tracks next to tall buildings and green mountains in the background
Aguas Calientes, Peru - Machu Picchu
I have come to the last post about my adventure in Peru. Kind of sad... I have kind of gotten to relive the trip through blogging about ...
a man in a red jacket is rowing a boat made out of reeds on the water
Flytande öar i Titocacasjön
an alley way with mountains in the background
Arequipa, Perú … #southamericatravelguide
an alley way with people and a llama
10 things I have learned from travelling - AlexK Artist, Writer and Health Coach
life in the streets of Cusco, Peru 10 things I have learned from travelling #travel #lessonslearned #travelphotography
a person sitting on the ground in front of an old building with large green doors
Blog - Urban Adventures
On the streets of Cusco, Peru. #kiwibemine #pinittowinit
two blue doors are open in front of an old stone building with ornate carvings on it
Turquoise Cusco Church Door by Catherine Sherman
Turquoise Cusco Church Door Photograph by Catherine Sherman