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a painting of a tree with pink flowers in front of a blue door
Metal Poster Displate "Better Days Are On Their"
a painting of a boat floating on the water in front of a cityscape
Custom house portrait, Hand painted watercolor painting, House watercolor portrait painting, Landscape portrait, Landscape painting etc
a painting of a blue door and pink flowers
Oh The Places You Will Go, Summer Travel Spain Greece Painting
Arrange flowers, and play with my cats. My favorite views
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
BOOKS - scratch & create
A blog that celebrates the world of pattern design. Covering greetings cards, wrap, fabrics, wallpaper, stationery and more.
a painting of colorful buildings with people on the balconies
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Love,Painting,Canvas,Letter,Art, Calligraphy,Brush strokes,Romantic,Heart,Colours,Expression,Passion,Typography,Emotion, beauty words,Affection,Handmade,Symbol,Sentiment,Creativity,Personalized,Font,Visual,Meaning,Artistic,Gesture,DevotionArtistic,Textured,Gift