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a woman in red dress holding flowers with words describing the different parts of her body
Mary | Biblical Femininity 🦢🕯️🪞 | When you feed the flesh, the spirit weaken. When you feed the spirit, the flesh weaken. what are you feeding these days? … 📨 SAVE for… | Instagram
a quote that says god, i pray for divine alignment in every area of my life if
a man laying on top of a couch in front of a tv screen with four different pictures
a tweet with the caption that reads, a lot of people think things slow down and get boring as you get older but we had two humming birds at the
an image of a quote that says you're gonna miss this, i whisper to myself
Parenting humor
a poster with different types of babies and their mother's health needs to know
10 region why do babies smell So Delicious
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a white background with the words, this is a time when all of god's people need to keep their eyes and their bible wide open