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an old building painted blue and pink with flowers in the window boxes on the side
A Kindred Spirit
two people standing on stage in front of an orange and purple background with columns,
Bringing Backdrops To Life
a group of people dressed in costumes on stage with a shark above them and water around them
龍國竣/リュウゴク (@Ryuugoku) on X
a man standing on top of a stage in front of a giant blue earth globe
The Living Museum: NIFREL
the stage is decorated with blue and white mermaids as well as people dressed in costumes
The Enchanted Island at the Metropolitan Opera: going for Baroque
a male ballet dancer dressed in blue and green
Birmingham Royal Ballet at Munich Festival 2012
United Center, Atlanta, Circus, Dance Project, Eden, Performance, Cirque
Cirque du Soleil: Masters of Performance and … Water Filtration?
a woman is suspended upside down in the air with her hands and legs extended out
'Luzia' by Cirque du Soleil opens at Dodger Stadium, L.A. (BTS Video)
a woman sitting on the floor in front of a stage with lights and snow around her