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an olive tree with the words not afraid to burn your heaven to the ground
paris photo 2009
Irene Kung #art #tree #photography
black and white photograph of an ornate dome with angels on it's sides in the dark
France | Irene Kung
a pyramid in the middle of a desert at night
Egypt | Irene Kung
an artistic photo of a building made out of sticks and wood in the middle of foggy sky
Irene Kung: forme assolute nello spazio | Artribune
Irene Kung, Bird’s Nest, 2012
an ornate balcony in the dark at night
Irene Kung
the moon is setting over a snowy mountain range with mountains in the background and snow on the ground
Irene Kung
a black and white photo of a woman with blonde hair looking off to the side
photographer Irene Kung
the cathedral is lit up at night in black and white
Restore Series by Mattia Mognetti
a black and white photo of the dome of st peter's basilica
Rome | Irene Kung
a black and white photo of a tall building
• Irene Kung | 2012, Milano. Torre Unicredit.