Taylor swift

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two pictures, one showing a woman in a white dress and the other shows a group of dancers
Me in:🤡🤡🤡🤡
a woman standing on top of a giant skeleton in the middle of a stadium filled with people
the woman is performing on stage with her legs spread out and holding a microphone in one hand
Eras tour in Liverpool n1. My photo edit / PLS GIVE CREDITS
several different pictures with the words, it wants to be taylor so bad and skull
I Cant, I Promise, Pins, Taylors, Left
a woman in a blue dress is dancing
liverpool n1
Preppy Style, Style, Preppy, Bodysuit
taylor swift's performance at the vmas in 2009 and 2013, before and after
shes so cunty now and so confident love her ❤️
a drawing of two people holding hands and the caption reads, this is so cute
a woman in a bodysuit with the words she started the watermelon theme, she might as well keep going
repost but this would be beautiful
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the two pictures show taylor swift and taylor davidson in their costumes, one is wearing a green skirt
two pictures of a woman in blue dress and boots on stage with text that reads, so now we know what was happening when this outfit was missing