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an old house with a tower and ivy growing up the side of it's roof
Shenborn's hunting castle
a clock on a pole in the middle of a sidewalk with potted plants next to it
15 Best Places to Live in Connecticut - The Crazy Tourist
a large building with a fountain in front of it and lots of flowers on the lawn
Hotel De Ville - France
a yellow kayak sitting on top of a sandy beach
a totema in front of some bushes and trees
Haida Gwaii totem
people are walking on the sidewalk in front of an old building
Boar Lane, Leeds
a peacock is standing in front of a building
Monastery of Fileremo
an old brick building with two towers and a clock on the top is next to a traffic light
The Jefferson Market Library, 6th Avenue and 10th Street, Greenwich Village, New York
a large building that is next to some water
Aquarium Valencia Spain
an indoor market with people walking around
Valencia - Mercado Central
a yellow building with many windows and flowers on the front porch, next to potted plants
Villa in Ilhavo, Portugal
an old castle is reflected in the water
The Castle of Nesvizh
people are standing in front of an old blue and white building on the street corner