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a painting of an archway with people sitting on the floor
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Interior, prayer hall, Complex of Sultan Qaytbay, Architecture arabe, 1818-1826
an old painting of the inside of a building with people standing around and looking at it
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Ablution fountain at the courtyard of Sultan Hassan Mosque at Old City of Cairo built in 1356 by Nasir Hassan of Mamluk dynasty. A massive construction and one of the most gorgeous spectacles of architecture.
an oil painting on canvas of people in front of a building
Paintings :: 2005
Midday. The Square in Front of the Mosque (2005) by Stanislav Plutenko
an old drawing of a city in the desert
an old painting of people riding horses in front of a city
The Citadel of Cairo, Residence of Mehmed Ali.
an old painting with people standing around it
Artists Rifles - Wikipedia
Carl Haag. Street in Damascus. He was a member of The Artists Rifles.
an old man standing in front of a building next to another man with a hat
And saw the skull beneath the skin.
Raphaël Ambros (1854-1895) 'Fabrics merchant', oil on panel, 46 x 31 cm. 1890.
an oil painting of people walking in the street
Русские художники.Семья Маковских.Маковский Николай Егорович
Makovsky, Zhukovsky 1879
a painting of men riding camels in the desert
The Simoom 1878
'The Simoom',1878 - Ludwig Hans Fischer (Austrian, 1848-1915)
a painting of two people walking down some steps
Charles Lebrun Guillaume - The Love Token
Charles Lebrun Guillaume - The Love Toke
the ruins of an ancient city are shown in this painting
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Les Ruines du temple de Baalbek
this is an illustration of the interior of a building with stairs and people in it
Turkey, Constantinople, Mihrab of the Mosque of Suliemanie, 1838
an old painting of people in front of a building
At the Mosque Door (1891) by Osman Hamdi Bey
a painting of people looking out an open window
Gypsy Purple Loves.......
Old Syria by ~al-Brazyly, Damascus Umayyad great mosque.