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a painting of several koi fish swimming in the water
Koi Paintingkoi Printkoikoi Wall Decorkoi Wall Art Fish - Etsy
a painting of a shell with a flower on the bottom and waves in the background
White shell painting
a painting of seashells and sea grass on the beach
"Fig Shell" Alkyd- A #collection of 4 #Shell Prints is now available! http://rbdance.com/shellcollection.html
a painting of a seashell on a white and gray background, with the shell partially submerged in water
2010 Shoreline Gem - Col Mitchell
2010 Shoreline Gem © Col Mitchell 24"x 24" x 1.5" Watercolour and tissue papers, tar gel, fluid acrylics and inks on canvas Private Collection www.colmitchell.com
a painting of a sea shell in blue water
Conchiglia di Natalia Khromykh