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a cake decorated with marshmallows and a sheep face
fåret shaun tårta
fåret shaun tårta - Google Search
a cake that is sitting on top of a wooden stand with a red bow tie
Shirt Cake
Shirt Cake great as an grooms cake, fathers day or just as an men cake
a plate with some food on it and the words ramen cake with floating chopsticks
Ramen Cake With Floating Chopsticks
Deliciously edible 3D ramen cake!
a purse cake with scissors, comb and hairdryer on the table next to it
3D Purse Cake
Incredibly realistic Louis Vuitton purse cake.
there is a cake that has been decorated with water lillies on it and three small bowls next to it
Watercolor Cake
A waterlily cake Monet would be proud of!
a cake with white frosting and chocolate candies on top
A winning combo of cake and candy!
a pink cake on a white plate with the words mirror icing written below it
Mirror Icing
Very simple with amazing results.
there are two cakes that look like hamburgers on the same plate as each other
Awesome Hamburger Cake!
Entirely edible and great for a kid's party.
a spiderman cake is on a plate
How to Make a Spiderman Cake
Easily decorated with fondant.
sushi cake balls on a plate with chopsticks
Sushi Cake Balls
Nagiri and maki sushi out of leftover cake.
a pokemon birthday cake with complete instructions on how to make it and what to do
Pokémon Go Cake!
You love playing the game, now it's time to enjoy a Pokemon Go themed cake!
simpsons's doughnut cake is on the table
The Simpson's Doughnut Cake
The classic Simpson's donut as a cake!
a cake made to look like a lego man laying on top of a table with the words lego minifigure cakes above it
Make a Lego Man Cake
This LEGO cake is perfect for a birthday, but no special day is required to make one of these awesome cakes!
there are four boxes that have food inside of them and the words takeout lo mein cakes and fortune cookies
Takeout Lo Mein Cakes & Fortune Cookies
These realistic take out container lo mein cakes are incredibly easy and fun to make. They'd be perfect for a fun Chinese Takeout party or for anyone who loves cake creations that look like other foods.
there is a cake that looks like a creepy face on the top and bottom of it
"Death by Chocolate" Cake : 9 Steps (with Pictures)
This cake is a multi-step project and will take a good six hours of your time, but I guarantee you the results will be well worth the effort. Together we'll walk down the twisted path of 100% scratch baked pound cake so thick with chocolate that it's black, twist through the world of hand pulled marshmallow fondant, and crown it all with a delicately poured, carved and painted skull...all in the name of the most decadent and disgusting cake you've ever set your eyes, or tastebuds on.
there is a birthday cake on the plate with chopsticks sticking out of it
How to Make an Ikura Sushi Birthday Cake
This fun party cake was made with regular Funfetti cake mix and a few cheap and easy household ingredients. The prep time is minimal, and the results are sure to elicit lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' from your party guests!
a cake with a figurine of a man holding a guitar
Purple Chocolate Rain
Prince was one of my favorite artists growing up. I think many people can relate to this masterful poet and performer. He will be greatly missed, but his soul and passion lives on in his amazing music. I wanted to do a little tribute for this wonderful Icon, so today I'm going to show you how I created this Chocolate Prince.
there is a cake made to look like steak on the plate with words written on it
Realistic Porterhouse Steak Cake
Learn how to create a cool realistic looking Porterhouse steak cake! a perfect dessert for meat lovers...
how to make a princess's cake from an old tin can - step by step instructions
This Pringles can is actually a chocolate covered layer cake!
a cake that has been cut into pieces and is on a plate with the words fondant tree stump marble cake
Evil Fondant Tree Stump Marble Cake
I find the fact that trees have eyes is incredible and shows how interconnected everything in this world is. As for why I decided to make the face an evil one, well, that's just more fun isn't it?
chocolate covered cake in the shape of a bottle
Eat the Coke!
Is it Drink or Dessert? Is it Coke or Cake? It is a cake, which looks exact like Coke!
there is a cake that looks like an octopus
Realistic Octopus Cake
This 3D octopus cake could be confused with the real thing! It's neapolitan flavored and covered in fondant, but change it up to make it perfect for your occasion!
coca - cola bottle cake with chocolate frosting on top and three coke bottles in the bottom
Coca Cola Chocolate Bottle Cake
This Coca Cola bottle is a chocolate covered cake! The cake recipe uses Coca Cola to make it really moist and yummy. It gets a fantastic reception from adults and kids alike!
a pineapple sitting on top of a wooden table
You'll 'pine' for This Pineapple Cake
This creative pineapple cake is all edible including the fondant leaves and meringue bumps.
the grilled cheese tomato soup is being served on toasted bread with melted cheese
CAKE Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
This looks like grilled cheese with a bowl of tomato soup, but it's really delicious pound cake, with modeling chocolate "cheese", and a bowl of berry soup!
a cake made to look like a cartoon character sitting on top of a book with the title
Freddie Mercury 3d Cake
This 3D Freddie Mercury cake was inspired by a Threadless T-shirt design.
this is an image of how to make a spell book cake
Hocus Pocus Spellbook Cake / Halloween Cake
I've put a spell on you, and now you're mine with this dead-cadent creepy cake from Hocus Pocus!
how to make a minion cake step by step photos
How to Make a Minion Cake - Step-by-step Tutorial
How to Make a 3D Minion Cake with step-by-step photos.
how to make an easy rainbow cake with oreo cookies and lemon cream frosting
{Ridiculously Easy} #Lego Cake
For more information on this recipe, click the infographic to see the entire post where she goes into more details.