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an old book with the title among english hedgerows written in gold and black
The Art of Book Covers (1820–1914)
The Art of Book Covers (1820–1914) – The Public Domain Review
an old book with green cover and illustrations on the front, surrounded by plants and animals
This Ivy House
Nordic Thoughts
three books lined up next to each other on a white surface with flowers and words painted on them
Anne of Green Gables (Puffin in Bloom)
a book with an image of a woman's face
Tokyo Nostalgia
a yellow book with flowers and mountains on the cover is sitting on a white surface
Rifle Kid's Classics- Heidi
the design of hida kasaten book cover with flowers and leaves on it
イイダ傘店のデザイン | PIE International
Iida Kasaten
an advertisement for george crivel's book, 1044
50 Watts
Polish Book Cover Contest Winners Here are the results of the 50 Watts' Polish Book Cover Contest, which asked contestants to design the "Polish edition" of their favorite book. Poland's incredibly rich history of book design can be seen in the new book 1000 Polish Book Covers.
a book cover with black birds sitting on trees and the moon in the sky behind them
Illustrated Book Covers by Roxanna Bikadoroff
an image of a poster with trees in the background
Philip Pullman Reimagines the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
Philip Pullman Reimagines the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm | Brain Pickings
the onion's great escape book cover is yellow and has pink onions on it
Imprint: The Best Design Blog Written by top Illustrators & Designers.
The illustrator Sara Fanelli has a new book that "will disappear" once it is read. The Onion's Great Escape (Phaidon Press) is about a young onion who is trapped in the book. As you make your way through the gloriously drawn and scribbled pages, you tear along the perforations and the onion pops out. By the end, the onion can be freed from bondage (or binding).
the book of dads is shown with many different people's faces on it
tabitha emma
Tabitha Emma » Blog Archive » Book covers by C.S Neal
a collage of photos with the words ma avi written in red and blue
mamita book cover.
the front and back cover of a book with zebra stripes on it, in green
Fantastic Illustrated Book Covers by Chris Silas Neal
Fantastic Illustrated Book Covers by Chris Silas Neal
a book with many different types of hats on top of it, and the title
Illustrations, Book Covers, Art, Books, and Cover Illustrations image inspiration on Designspiration
This book cover is so well designed... it inspires me to go cut up some magazines and get out my glue stick!
the cover to fresh fields by peter kocan, with an image of a man's head
Shameless Self-Promotion
Beautifully illustrated book cover - via Caustic Cover Critic