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Naughty, Nice Whatever Candle curated on LTK
two small glass containers filled with caramel popcorn
a glass jar filled with marshmallows and candy
40 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls
Cute holiday gifts for her - Morning Cereal Dessert Candle
Naughty, Nice Whatever Candle curated on LTK
Naughty, Nice Whatever Candle curated on LTK
an ice cream sundae with strawberries and lemon wedges in a glass container
Watermelon Lemonade Candle
three starbucks drinks sitting on top of a counter
strawberry cheesecake candle in a glass container
a candle sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase with moss growing around it
LOTR Inspired Candles!
GONDOR CALLS FOR AID! (j/k) MythologieCandles is taking orders again! 👏🎉⚔️ REJOICE! Our LOTR candles sell out FAST. Grab yours before it's too late! If this is your first time hearing from us — Hi there! 👋 We are Mythologie Candles, born out of a love for myth & legend. Our founder is singer/songwriter LEAH — a Celtic Fantasy Metal artist who originally began creating candles to match her music for a more immersive listening experience for her fans.