Christmas DIYs & Decor

Christmas Movie Night!
Christmas movie night with DIRECTV! We love DIRECTV because the most popular channels are included in every package. There’s also a two year price guarantee so we can stop worrying and start watching. We love that can instantly access a vast library of 60,000+ On Demand shows and movies, with or without a satellite. And we can watch on-the-go with the DIRECTV app! #ad #DIRECTVCreator @DIRECTV
Dollar Tree DIY Floating Candles
DIY No. 1 or No. 2? 💖 What do we think of these Dollar Tree DIY candle holders? I finally found the elusive acrylic reindeer this week. I grabbed extra to share with one special person. Stay tuned for the details on that! All items are from the Dollar Tree, except the paint. I added the faux snow with mod podge. I recommend removing the snow in the area where you place the reindeer feet for the best hold. Details DIY No. 1: • 1 tall vase • 1 glass pot holder/trivet • 4 reindeer • faux snow • hot glue (I used @thegorillagluecompany hot glue sticks) DIY No. 2 • 2 reindeer • 2 glass candle plates • 3 glass candle holders • metallic spray paint (I used @rustoleum) • hot glue • glitter tapered candles are from @michaelsstores (pack of 4 is currently on sale 60% off, a
DIY Dollar Tree Dupe, DIY Christmas Gingerbread Candle Holder
DIY Bath & Body Works Dupe. 🎄 What do we think of this Dollar Tree dupe besties? Everything is from the Dollar Tree, except the paint, glitter and glue. I found the white hot glue sticks and the buttons on Ama*z0n. Tips: • Save the roof part for last (glue and glittering) • You will need to clip the small tabs on the sides of the houses to glue them together properly and there will still be a small gap but that’s ok. You can cover that with the glue and glitter. • the puff paint worked better for the small details on the house than the glue sticks. I tried the glue first and it did not work as well. I seen the puff paint from Micheals Walmart & Joann’s. Questions encouraged 💖 #dollartree #dollartreediy #diycandleholder #Christmasdiy #gingerbreadhouse #diyhomedecor #manualid
Dollar DIY Ugly Sweater
DIY Ugly Sweater 💗 I made this DIY snow globe sweater using Dollar Tree products and an old sweater. Do we think my Sophia will win the ugly sweater competition? 💗 #uglysweater #diy #christmasdiy #dollartreediy #diyuglysweater
DIY Christmas Candle Holder, Dollar Tree DIY
Easy DIY Christmas Candle Holder 🎄 The wood round is from Dollar Tree. The other items are from my old craft stash. All you have to do is trim the stems to fit your base, then hot glue all of the items onto the base. This will fit a Bath and Body Works candle as well. 💖 Questions encouraged 🥰 #diychristmasdecor #dollartreediy #diy #diycandleholder #centerpieces #christmasdecor
Dollar Tree Christmas DIY
Easy DIY Christmas Decor. ☃️ This would be great for work/office/classroom decor. All you need is a large Dollar Tree gift bag and four 4x6 frames, hot glue, large popsicles sticks, paint and florals. I removed the glass parts or the picture frames first and laid them on the gift bag and planned out which pets or the bag to cut. Then I added them to the frames and glued the frames together. The popsicles sticks are for reinforcements. Questions encouraged 💖 #dollartreediy #diychristmasdecor #diy #diychristmasdecorations #christmasdecor
Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Topiary, DIY Outdoor Decor
DIY Christmas Outdoor Decor 🎄 Some tips: grab more bowls than you might need because they are fragile and might crack if you press too hard with the hot glue tool. You don’t need a lot pressure. Just rest the tool there and wait for the plastic to melt. Questions encouraged! #dollartree #diy #dollartreediy #diychristmasdecor #diychristmasoutdoordecor #diytopiary #diyornament #diychristmasdecorations
DIY Gift Wrapping Station, Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer
DIY Gift Wrapping Station Hack! You can find the items on my Like To Know It - LTK (see B!0). I love this organizer! I’m ready to wrap all the Christmas presents 🤶🏽 #christmas #christmasgiftideas #giftwrapping #giftwrappinghacks #organize #organization #organizationhacks
Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Home Decor
DIY Christmas Decor 🎅🏾 This works great as a gift basket as well! All you need is a bucket and 2 mop pads. Cut the mop pads in half, lengthwise. Then hot glue them on. That’s it! Happy crafting! Questions encouraged 💗 #DIY #DollarTree #dollartreediy #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #christmasparty #diyparty
Dollar Tree Christmas DIY
Dollar DIY Christmas Lantern - Pt. 2 As requested, here is the candy cane version of the Dollar Tree DIY. Everything is from Dollar Tree except the paint, bows (Walmart) and berries (Michaels). Which version do you like better? Full step by step tutorial will be up on the Make It With Micah blog tomorrow (11/3). Questions encouraged! 💗 #dollartree #diy #diychristmasdecor #diychristmasoutdoordecor #christmasdecor #christmasdiy #dollartreediy #diychristmascrafts #christmaslights
Dollar Tree Christmas DIY, DIY lantern
Dollar DIY Christmas Lantern Home Decor. Remote twinkle lights are in B!0. 💗 Should I make a red candy cane themed version? This DIY is super easy to make! Everything is from Dollar Tree except the paint and twinkle lights. I was inspired by the talented Honey Hebb in a Dollar Tree craft group. 💖. Questions encouraged! 🥰 • #dollartree #diy #diychristmasdecor #diychristmasoutdoordecor #christmasdecor #christmasdiy #dollartreediy #diychristmascrafts #christmaslights
DIY Christmas Front Porch Decor,
DIY Front Porch Christmas Decor 🎄 Tape is on Amaz0n and can be found in my bio, stories and LTK. I’m obsessed with how my front door turned out thanks to this brand new Krazy Tape! It’s strong, damage free and it’s the number one liner preferred by customers. It comes in three varieties depending on your needs (1/2 lb, 1 lb and 2 lb hold). I have had my door decor set up for other a week and it looks amazing! I’ve added the Krazy tape and all of my front porch decor to my Like to Know It (see B!0). Questions encouraged 💗 #KrazyTape #christmasdecor #outdoorchristmasdecor #diyoutdoorchristmasdecor #diychristmas #diychristmasdecor
Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Star, Hanger Star Decor, Outdoor Christmas Decorations
DIY Christmas Star Decor ✨ Directions & Info Should I add lights? I plan to hang this on my house but it was dark and raining by the time I finished. Stay tuned for that. • • All of the materials are from the dollar tree, except the pack of stars (its from Amazon and I’ll add to my list) • 16 hangers • 40+ zip ties (I lost count) • Do not tighten the zip ties at each step until the entire step is completed. I know that confusing, but basically think of it as putting ikea fruniture together and how you can’t tighten all the screws until the end, the same rules apply. Lay the hangers out on the floor into the shape, add the ties then tighten once they are all in place. Its good to have extra zip ties in case you need to cut and start again. Questions encouraged 💖 #diychristma