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20+ People Who are Pro at Taking Amazingly Fun Shot
four dandelions blowing in the wind against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds
The big meeting...
" Je sème à tout vent" / Dandelions. / Pissenlits.
the shadow of a person's hand is cast on a wall as if they were dancing
I like the creativity of the shadows in these pictures. I want to do something similar in my work because i think the effect looks cool because it looks like an eerie presence is trying to take over the girl. I especially like how the first image is composed because the shadow looks very sinister and scary, like its going to get her whereas the other two it looks like the shadow is playing around with her.
a baby is laying on the ground with a red balloon attached to it's head
Cute Baby
Cute baby #littlekid #baby #kids #kidsphotos #photography #cute
two women are dancing in the water with their arms up and legs spread wide open
Starry Lites
A feminine blog, anythng and everything I find beautiful. Also check out my secondary blogs:...
someone is holding their hand up in the air
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bild upptäckt av sarabeth;. Upptäck (och spara!) dina egna bilder och videor på We Heart It
a woman kneeling down in front of a cloud of white powder on the ground with her head tilted to the side
a black and white photo of a tiger with its mouth open
på svart papper
a man sitting on the floor next to a baby
Poef!! Portraits, Dancer Photography
a man sitting on top of a white bench next to a brick wall and wearing sneakers
Would You Be Able To Graduate Middle School Today?
Perspective photography - rather than those typical kitchen drawings!
four people are standing in a star shape on the grass with their hands together and arms extended
Human Mandala Project
two people are laying on the ground with balloons attached to their backs as if they were falling off
20 Funny Couple Photography Ideas
20 Funny Couple Photography Ideas - bemethis