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a small toy dog sitting on top of someone's hand
Croshame's favorites
a small white stuffed animal being held by a person's hand with their fingers
yucoco cafe®さくだゆうこ on Twitter
a small stuffed fox on a blue background
Red fox V by SaniAmaniArt on DeviantArt
three cats are sitting in small tins on a table
カテゴリー :羊毛フェルト 猫 Moana Lani  羊毛フェルトの愛するOhana
a hand holding a tiny stuffed animal that looks like a fox
SaniAmaniArt - Etsy
five small stuffed cats lined up in a row on a wooden surface, with one cat's eyes closed
four stuffed panda bears sitting in a basket
two small cats are being held in the palm of someone's hand