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a doll is standing in front of a snowy scene
there is a doll sitting in a glass cup filled with liquid on the counter top
Bad Hair Day? Doll Hair Hacks
Since I have boys, my toy fixing and cleaning amounts to washing LEGOS and disinfecting the Wii remotes. When I was a child, though, I had plenty of Barbies, Cabbage Patch dolls, and Ginny dolls (anyone remember these?) whose hair was a ratty mess. So I would've appreciated all the suggestions out there for fixing your doll's hair at home. I've rounded up a few different suggestions.
the doll is wearing a green crocheted dress and matching shoes with her purse
How To Crochet Doll Dress (Step By Step)
six free crochet fashion doll patterns including dresses, skirts and shoes for barbie dolls
6 Barbie Fashion Doll Patterns You Can Crochet
the doll is wearing a striped coat and scarf
Sticka fina kläder till Barbie – gratis beskrivningar
a doll is wearing a crocheted dress and holding her hand on the wall