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Fused Glass Mosaic Plate Sunset Sea and Leaves by Shakufdesign
The Bejewelled Bowl is an opulent glass vessel in five jewel-like colours. When illuminated from above, the bowls project breathtaking patterns of coloured light on the surface below. #spectacular

Fused Glass

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an orange and red scarf sitting on top of a mannequin
Ravishing Rectangles: 10 Free Wrap Crochet Patterns!
two crocheted shawls, one in blue and the other in light blue
Denim Blues Fling Wrap Easy Free Crochet Pattern in Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball
Denim Blues Fling Wrap Easy Free Crochet Pattern in Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball
three different types of trash cans sitting on the ground
30 Gorgeous Mosaic Projects To Beautify Your Home And Garden
Mosaics have long been my favorite art. There’s just something so beautiful about pieces that are done in mosaic; from the intricate and unique designs to the colors. I just can’t get enough. So I thought I would share some beautiful mosaic ideas that you can incorporate throughout your home and...
three different pictures of a tray with some plants on it
Decorative Mosaic Tray | Reality Daydream
a bowl filled with lots of green and pink cactus decorations on top of a couch
50+ painted rocks that look like succulents & cacti
How to make a DIY painted rock cactus garden. There are more than 50 inspirational DIY painted stone projects here to enjoy. From succulent gardens that won’t die to faux cactus plants. This great round up features Etsy and Instagram artists and a few crafts bloggers, too! Be sure to check out all the fun rock painting ideas #paintedrocks #rockpainting #rockart #paintedstones #ilovepaintedrocks #crafts #easycrafts #painting #rockpaintingideas #rockgarden
an artistic design made out of stones on the ground
I want this mosaic on a walkway through my garden! So wish I could have bees, but, alas, the suburbs strike again... Via: Sue McLoughlin | Flickr
an artistic painting with blue and red colors
ukiyotile process mosaic_wave
Mosaic waves. Well done!
an abstract mosaic design with many different colors
Pizza oven with mosaic
closer view of wow!
a glass bottle that is sitting on a white surface with lots of different colors and shapes
Bottiglia di mosaico arcobaleno | Etsy
Bottiglia mosaico arcobaleno di waschbear su Etsy, $274.00
an abstract blue and gold fish scale pattern on canvas, with shiny glitters in the background
Wall Art
a green and white vase sitting on top of a wooden table
Glass Mosaic Vase RESERVED | Etsy