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an old building with pots and pans on the ground
Created by master miniature artist 'Ryu Seung Ho', south korea.
an old western town with wooden buildings and a sign that says saloon on the front
Hill Country Ghost Towns to Explore When Quarantine Ends: Part 2
Since Native Americans were the sole population of the Texas Hill Country, communities and settlements have come and gone, changing with railroads, zoning, and environmental fluctuations. Below is part two of some great ghost towns to explore online and visit when quarantine ends!
a painting of a city street with shops and people
Brindille on Twitter
an old model town with cars and people on the street
Insolvency Notices
an old building with chinese writing on it's side in the middle of a city
The Alternative Guide to Tokyo - Bon Traveler
an outdoor shop with wooden tables and benches
vieux quartier -Japon Photo Japon, Japanese Buildings, 8bit Art, Japan Photography, Cyberpunk City, Japan Aesthetic, Japan Tokyo, City Landscape
The Digital Broom Cupboard
vieux quartier -Japon
an old brick building with graffiti on the side and stairs leading up to it's second story
Trains, Teddy Bears and abandoned places