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a birthday card with a drawing of a girl holding a pencil in one hand and writing happy birthday on the other
B'day ballerina!
the days of the week sign is made out of wood and has different colored stickers on it
Days of the week chart
a paper cut out of the earth with rain and clouds
Life cycle of plant is a science board. It also shown seed germination stages and parts of a plant.This is 3D,colourful and attractive board of science subject.Here I used hard charts,glaze sheets,thermopl sheet for making it 3D.I used different captions related to each image for students learning.They can learn three things very easily through this board about seed germination stages, parts of a plant and life cycle of a plant.So, experienced science teachers must prepare this type of boards.
Plant Life cycle | parts of a plant teaching ideas | Seed germination stages | science board
Watercolor Monster: Fun and Colorful Art Project for Kids
paper flowers hanging from strings on a wall with the words youtubee pnekar sheha written below
Ganpati Decoration Ideas For Home | Eco Friendly Makhar ideas for Ganpati | easy Ganpati decoration
Crafting with Purpose: Meaningful Projects to Exess Yourself
Crafting Adventures for Kids: Fun and Imaginative Ideas to Create at Home
Easy DIY Paper Crafts For Kids | Cute and Simple Paper Fish Crafts
vegetables coloring page for kids to color
9 Free Printable Nutrition Coloring Pages for Kids
a poster with the words, kids who listen to the first time have parents who do these
Kids Who Listen The First Time Have Parents Who Do These 5 Things First
a card with an unicorn and rainbow on it
Unicorn birthday card • SnS Handmade
Kids Paper Craft