Drömbild collage
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a collage of two men wearing virtual glasses
L'Optimum - Julien Pacaud • Illustration • Perpendicular Dreams
an old black and white photo of children playing in the street
Superstudio - The continuous monument
an aerial view of a city surrounded by clouds
visiondivision: spröjs series
visiondivision: sweden
a woman standing on top of a balcony next to tall buildings under a cloudy sky
Stockholm Stacked / Visiondivision
Stockholm Stacked / Visiondivision
people are sitting on the back of a boat in front of some buildings and trees
Guest Harbor / Attefallshus By Visiondivision - http://www.interior-homedecoration.com/interior-room-design-ideas/guest-harbor-attefallshus-by-visiondivision.html
a very tall building sitting in the middle of a city under a cloudy blue sky
Stockholm Stacked / Visiondivision
Stockholm Stacked / Visiondivision
a black and white photo of a city with lots of tall buildings
Cine y Arquitectura: "Metrópolis"
Preliminary artwork for Metropolis
two people on a swing in front of a building and an image of the sky
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an old photo of cars driving under a bridge
Yona Friedman, La ville spatiale, 1960, Collage
many windows are lit up at night in the same color as they appear to be illuminated
Night windows in collages of Anne Mason
tableaux d'intimatés (prague) by anne-laure maison
an image of people swimming in the ocean with waves crashing over them and umbrellas on the beach
The Psychedelically Amazing Architectural Collages Of Hugo Barros
Evocative of that heady post-1968 period of architectural exploration, the collages of Lisbon-based artist Hugo Barros recharge the legacy of psychedelic graphics in the representation of built form. Some of these collages feature floating surfaces of a giant scale, recalling Superstudio’s Earth-devouring Continuous Monument.
an advertisement for the christmas city with cars and balloons in the air, on a snowy day
Question: What would Archigram have done for the 2012 London Olympics?
an advertisement for a valentine's day in the city with buildings and ferris wheel
Arup Envisions the Skyscrapers of 2050
‘Walking City’ / Ron Herron via Archigram Archival Project
an advertisement for frisbee with people playing in the back ground and on top of it
Peter Cook. A+U 1969,
Peter Cook (1969). A+U Extra Edition Dec 1989: 50