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a quote from alice walker that says no person is your friend who demands your science, or denies your right to grow
the do's and dont's of being a positive friend - Positively Present - Dani DiPirro
Wise Words, Self Esteem, Psychology Facts, Words Of Wisdom, Quotes To Live By
positively present: Photo
a yellow bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to a purple and blue background
Feeling Broken today and thought we could all use this
two hands holding a rope with one hand reaching for the other
Dejen ir lo que los ata o lastima #frase
a woman standing next to a brick wall with a quote on it that says don't ever judge her walls they kept her alive
Poems, Quotes That Describe Me, Poetic
a woman standing on top of a rock with her back to the camera
My Strength Didn't Come From Lifting Weights
Sayings And Quotes, Truths, Dark Soul Quotes
an angel sitting on the ground with her hands in her lap and text that reads, if
Quotes 'nd Notes
Motivational Quotes, Coaching, True Quotes