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an open book with different images and text on the front, side and back pages
Layout Design` / Karina Cukierman / Dancer in the Dark #graphic #design #editorial:
an assortment of brochures with different colors and designs on them, including one in the middle
lg2 | Our work
The Fondation Maison Théâtre / by| lg2boutique
an array of different types of webpages on a black background with the same color scheme
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Editorial layout
the poster is designed to look like an abstract painting with green, pink and black colors
Oslo Design Fair F2016 – Bielke&Yang
by_odf16_09 More
several different types of brochures are stacked on top of each other in the same row
Brochure - American Iron and Metal
American Iron and Metal by Made
several books are stacked on top of each other in front of a blue wall with white lettering
Concern worldwide book - margauxcarpentier... - a grouped images picture
Concern worldwide book - margauxcarpentier - created via
an image of the back side of a computer screen with different colors and shapes on it
NIS Annual Report 2014
NIS Annual Report 2014 on Behance …
an image of some type of paper with yellow and black designs on the bottom half
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I love this gorgeous magazine layout. Very clean and modern. The colour combination is super eye-catching. Great work.
three banners with different colors and shapes on them, one for the photographer's hand
series_1.jpg by Aykut Yılmaz
I love the fonts, the way the photographs were laid out, and the clean and edgy, yet sophisticated look of all of these spreads. - Kyrene Kagahastian |Series 1|
a series of black and white images with different lines on them, including the bottom half of
2011 Annual Report for BFA Bank
black on black :: spot varnish 2011 Annual Report for BFA Bank on Behance
the back side of a poster with yellow and black lines on it, all in different sizes
Start A Fire
Editorial / David Lynch by Juan Pablo Dellacha
a woman is making a funny face with blue lines on the side of her face
Arnaud Mercier
It is fun but sensible with simple line across the black and white picture.
an image of some type of blue and white lines
Coup de cœur francophone 2014
Coup de cœur francophone 2014 on Behance
four different types of newspapers sitting on top of each other
WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest
Victoria COLOR. I like this because it has a lot of colors that aren't normally used all together, but still looks clean and appealing