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there is a shelf with many pairs of shoes on it and a toy in the middle
47 Awesome Shoe Rack Ideas (Concepts for Storing Your Shoes)
an open drawer with shoes and backpacks in it next to a wooden bench on the floor
20 Shoe Organization Ideas That Are Beyond Brilliant - The Unlikely Hostess
two pictures of the inside of a room with wooden shelves and baskets on each shelf
Modish Wood Pallet Projects for Your House
the shoe rack is made out of wood and has shoes hanging on it's hooks
30+ Creative Wooden Pallet Projects DIY Ideas
30+ Creative Wooden Pallet Projects DIY Ideas #wooden #woodensigns #ideas
there are many pairs of shoes on the shelves
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Today we’re showing off some beautiful ways to organize your shoe collection and stylize the nook they already live in. From mudrooms to bedrooms, there are a variety of places around the house they can and will get cluttered with the family’s shoes, so why not find a piece to keep them stored and ready for the day’s events? Let’s take a look at 15 shoe storage cabinets that are both functional and stylish for your own space!
a wooden shelf filled with lots of pairs of shoes next to a wall mounted sign
DIY Drip Tray for Wet and Muddy Shoes | Reality Day Dream
Shoe Cubby by MSquaredWoodDecor on Etsy More
a wooden shelf with shoes and umbrellas on it in the corner of a room
a coat rack with two coats hanging on it and some shoes in the bottom shelf
39 Awesome Wood Pallet Ideas