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a toilet with flowers growing out of it sitting next to a tree stump and potted plant
Dollhouse Fairy Miniature Toilet
Dollhouse Fairy Miniature Toilet by Torisaur, via Flickr
a tree stump with moss growing on it
Beautiful Portals
fairie house
four different colored boxes sitting next to each other on a white surface with flowers and hexagonal shapes
Cool paper folding techniques/crafts
broccoli are arranged in the shape of miniature people working on a tent and camp site
Camping among broccoli jungles miniature art by Paul Ge
creative photography, little people on food, gift choice, home decor.
an aerial view of a doll house with flowers in the front yard and lawn area
Amazing detail...
two figurines sitting on top of a map
Glass Cathedrals by Lisa Swerling
two pictures of an old brick building with the same window
Michael Garman (b. 1938) American
A very detailed exterrior scene piece.
small figurines are placed on top of waffles that have been cut into smaller pieces
Project 366 - 4/12/2012 - 103/366
Though the boys liked to play on Wafer Hill after a game, the Moms were getting tired of cleaning up after them.