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the diy fire wood holder is easy to make
Handy Fire Wood Holder: Affordable 3-Step Organizer
Want a better storage for your firewood? You can use reclaimed or leftover lumber and old pipes in building this rustic fire wood holder.
a metal tub filled with wood next to a fire place
10 Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas
a fire place with logs stacked on top of it
Eclectic Home Tour - The Cavender Diary
Snygg ved förvaring inne.
a stack of firewood in a black box on a white surface with a window behind it
Exclusive furniture for fine interiors
Wood storage, with room for kindling at the bottom
a bucket full of firewood sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a door
Love this tin bucket for firewood. Would be perfect next to our fireplace! Great idea! I hate tracking firewood throughout the house!
a stack of firewood sitting next to a window
Rek voor haardhout «Timber» - zwart
Rek voor haardhout «Timber», bpc living Bon prix | 74,99
a table and chairs in front of a firewood rack
Ved som inredningsdetajl, mariaemb
a living room with a fire place next to a potted plant on the floor
Loft living in Belgium: Kreativt och personligt i flera plan
CREATIVE LIVING from a Scandinavian Perspective: Loft living in Belgium: Kreativt och personligt i flera plan
an image of a room with a fire place in the center and shelves on the wall
25 Cool Firewood Storage Designs For Modern Homes
its an interesting way to store logs, not sure its the most attractive though