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a cake with a teddy bear holding an umbrella on it's head, sitting on a glass table
there is a decorated cake with yellow flowers on top and bubbles in the shape of ducks
there is a cake decorated with strawberries and flowers
two giraffes and a zebra on top of a white cake with sprinkles
Bolos decorados: 18 ideias para fazer em casa
a pink cake topped with lots of animals on top of it
TOPO DE BOLO - Casa de Valentina
a cake shaped like a fox sitting on top of a table
This Online Group Shames Overly Pretentious Dishes That Are Just Stupid And Here Are 50 Of Their Funniest Posts (New Pics)
two tiered cake with white frosting and red berries on the top, sitting on a silver platter
a green cake decorated with daisies and a house in the middle is sitting on a table