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an outdoor dining table and chairs under a white pergolated roof over a brick patio
In den letzten Tagen haben wir geplant, gesägt, gebohrt und gestrichen und nun ist unser kleines diesjähriges Holzbauprojekt - ei...
an orange wooden fence with metal bars on it
Looks like a great solution for a more permanent trellis especially for the aggressive growth of trumpet vine.
there is a rock garden in front of the house with flowers growing out of it
Grønne fingrer! (Interiør Blogg - Villa Paprika)
a large tree in the middle of a yard with green grass and bushes around it
Hostas around tree. Need a couple more Hostas around my tree in the front yard.
the walkway is lined with plants and trees
Extending trellis for climbing roses
garden trellis designs | Extending trellis for climbing roses - Landscape Design Forum ...
a tree in the middle of a garden with flowers and plants growing around it's base
Trädgårdsförändringar 2011 - Hemma hos Innolina
Trädgårdsförändringar 2011 - Ett inredningsalbum på StyleRoom
a stone patio with steps leading to the front door and back yard area, surrounded by green grass
This landscaping design extends past the front porch and around both ends of the house.
a brick retaining wall in front of a house
Top 10 Ideas For DIY Retaining Wall Construction - TOP Cool DIY
Top 10 Ideas For DIY Retaining Wall Construction
ivy growing up the side of a wall with no leaves or flowers on it,
Landscape Design – Vine Garden Market
the instructions for how to make a boat out of wood and metal, with pictures on it
New Wave Shade Version 3 (Retractable Shades) "New Product" Custom Size/Commercial Quality - Shade Sails LLC
Wave Shades (Retractable Shades) Ready Made Sizes | Shade Sails LLC
an image of the outside of a house with curtains hanging from it's roof
DIY Pergola Retractable roof shade