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a hand holding a small blue purse with flowers on it
Southern wedding
one piece purse
a card with some flowers on it and the word'emly'written in cursive writing
Five Faves #69
Spring flower free motion embroidery brooch
an altered photograph of a bird sitting on top of a piece of paper
mixed media painting nature - Google Search
a close up of a piece of cloth with flowers on it and a button in the middle
two birds are standing next to each other on a piece of cloth with dots and circles
Elnik14 - Дневник Elnik14
Embroidered greeting card - recycled - so cute!
an embroidered piece with many different colored flowers and chains hanging from it's center
By Nancy Nicholson.
an embroidered heart on a green background
There's no place like Home
There's no place like Home... Fabric ATC (Artist Trading Card)
some red and white heart shaped cookies sitting on top of a linen covered table cloth
“For you my Valentine this heart of mine…”
Cindy at her Country Home: “For you my Valentine this heart of mine…”
a blue heart with red beads on it sitting on a white cloth covered tablecloth
heart pin red beads
coeur perlé
four embroidered coasters with cats on them sitting on a pink table cloth covered surface
textile brooches
More beautiful textiles from Hens Teeth
a patchwork heart hanging from a hook
tea cups and saucers on a table cloth
Sharon Blackman
Sharon Blackman