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a building that has stairs in front of it and the words digi tala rice center written on the side
DIGITAL ART CENTER - k a h a e k i m
an image of a door with the number 108 on it in front of a brick wall
ID .Architectural Photography - Stavros Sotiriou DESIGN EC-5 architects
the bar is decorated with gold and black letters that spell out'mr & mrs '
Camini a gas: Il lusso e il comfort si incontrano in un solo prodotto - Ur Design
MAR restaurant in Reykjavík by HAFstudio
a bedroom with wooden paneling and lots of pictures on the wall
テンプレート イン クラスカ
Principle use: MONTHLY HOTEL | Facility design: MAXRAY | (Lightings) Production: IKEYA | Building site: Hotel CLASKA
a person standing in an empty room with many balloons on the wall and ceiling above