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a close up of a gold comb on a white background with butterfly stickers in the middle
Museo d’Arte orientale
Pettine, legno, lacca, Giappone, secolo XIX, inv. 8018/10305- Comb, wood, laquer, Japan, 19th century, inv. 8018/10305
a close up of a statue of a woman with her eyes closed and head covered in dirt
Left for Dead
Green we love, the favorites of, be inspired!
an abstract painting with blue and purple colors
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i like the colours and how they all work together
a blue and white piece of art made out of yarn
"Q-Tips" Pierina Nuñez
black and white photograph of surfboarders in the water at the ocean's edge
Tumblr the contrast, it creates a different perspective of waves on a beach
a white bowl filled with whipped cream on top of a table
Mary Rogers. White Wave Pot. 1975 | MoMA
Mary Rogers. White Wave Pot. 1975
an abstract black and white painting with wavy lines
Photo (HER NEW TRIBE Tumblr)
Love the natural waves created by the paint