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the light is shining through the ceiling in the room with many square lights on it
Lux Redux: Euroluce 2013 – Part I
New intriguing collections designed by Vibia at designjunction 2013 #design #light #minimal @moxiethrift on etsy Brochu
a person sitting at a desk with a pen and paper in front of them on top of a laptop computer
Ui Tiles la ressource pour préparer vos web designs - Blog Du WebDesign
Maybe i'll print this out for people who don't know what they want their layouts to be for site design...
an image of the different types of aircrafts
200+ Free Icon Font For Web Apps and Interface Designing | UMagazine
200+ Free Icon Font For Web Apps and Interface Designing
an image of a web page with many different things on the screen, including numbers and symbols
Eenvoud met max user experience Keuze was voor look&feel. Dus, meer grafisch dan UX. Puur gekozen voor demo. Verder zijn er enkele UX componenten die erg goed zijn: - Weergave week, maand, jaar - login - downloaden en uploading
a man standing next to a giant advertisement for mcdonald's
An advert that engages touch
Sort your head out - cool Ad! McDonalds has clearly placed it's logo beneath each one of the movable pieces stating that McDonald's is constantly on your mind.
the clock is displaying the time on the wall next to the weather vane and tree
Homescreen. Nova Launcher. Zooper Widget. Black & White. Touch of Green. Andriod. Costum. Mason333.