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a person's feet are shown on the floor in front of a tiled wall
Peronda FS Nijar Tiles
an open door in a living room with wooden floors and green painted walls on either side
a dining room with pink walls and wooden floors, including a round table surrounded by chairs
Färgstarkt och stilsäkert hos inredaren i Stockholm
a room with pink walls and flooring has a chair in the corner next to a window
Monday Inspiration: Beautiful Brick Shades - Mad About The House
a woman standing in the doorway of a living room
Covered in Mirrors, This Home’s Structural Column Is a Statement, Not a Hindrance
an empty room with wooden floors and two doors leading to another room that has pink walls
En sekelskiftesidyll med två kakelugnar bland takåsarna i Gamla Råsunda
an empty hallway with two paintings on the wall
A Deliciously Colorful Apartment in Oslo
an empty chair sits in front of the door to a room with gray walls and wood floors
Color Crush | Winter Bleu
a room with two beds and tables in it
11 fantastiskt mysiga barnrum (med smarta lösningar!)
a bedroom with blue walls and a potted plant
Harmoni med Clear Paris på väggar och tak
an open door in the corner of a room with white walls and green trim on the ceiling
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an open door leading to a kitchen with blue walls and wooden floors, along with shelves on either side of the doorway
Kreativt och naturnära hemma hos glaskonstnären i Sörmland | ELLE
Kreativt och naturnära hemma hos glaskonstnären i Sörmland | ELLE
a white dog sitting in front of a table with chairs and an umbrella hanging from the ceiling
Hemma hos Emma Ekman - LADY Inspirationsblogg