Swedish summer☀️

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a field full of white and blue flowers next to a wooden house in the background
Vad jag drömmer om i trädgården
two bicycles parked next to each other on a dirt road in front of some houses
The Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden — Ciao Fabello
a cobblestone street lined with houses and flowers
Intressanta platser – Visby, Gotland
strawberries and yogurt in a bowl on a table with utensils
Jordgubbar med grädde
a dirt road with yellow flowers on both sides and green fields in the back ground
two horses grazing in the grass near a fence and red houses with white trimmings
a hand holding a string with red berries hanging from it's end in front of some trees
a cake with strawberries on top sitting on a table
Gräddtårta med fläder, jordgubbar och vit choklad
a woman sitting on a blanket in an apple orchard
How to Celebrate Midsummer
a flag flying in the wind next to a building with flowers and plants on it
Mölle & Kullahalvön