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three glasses and a bottle on a table
Frost Glasses and Jug by Front
The Scandinavian climate and the beauty of ice forming on the outside of windows in winter inspired Frost by Front.
two wooden pencil holders with pens in them
pencil holder
a close up of a bag with a label on it
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cocones Til mine artmoney og billeder
four different types of pencils are shown
Prototypebook / Ai Sasaki: VOYAGE : UMA / design farm
Prototypebook / Ai Sasaki: VOYAGE
someone is holding a piece of paper in their hand and writing on it with a pen
The Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan ( http://designcloud.tumblr.com/post/19264440813/the-triangle-notebook-by-tan-mavitan-designed-by )
six different colored cups are lined up in the same row, each with their own logo
Creative T-shirt packaging Design Examples
25 Creative T-shirt packaging design examples - Printsome Blog
a white candle with the number two on it in front of a box and packaging
The scented-soy-wax-candle collection “White Wood” is a series of 3 distinct woodsy scents, with packaging design by Marc Atlan.
two white toothbrushes in a paper tube on a white surface with the top open
Katamaku is a new series of products, born out of Tokyo, Japan, that utilise unused parts of the membrane material that were to be discarded. They were made into various cases and bags for everyday use with excellent durability. In order to keep its beautiful texture, the products are made from a single sheet of membrane that can be folded to protect things that are to be carried. The designers go on to explain:
a leather name tag with the word hanchu on it
love this leather box
Полотенце в форме кролика - Специальные предложения | Zara Home Российская Федерация
love this leather box
an open envelope sitting on top of a white table next to a brown piece of paper
ENVELOPE natural
A N V E — ENVELOPE natural from anve.bigcartel.com
a small jar with a leather case next to it
Hender Scheme official web site
Hender Scheme
an open box with three different items in it and the contents inside are white, gold, and brown
Ada Blackjack - Brand Identity
Ada Blackjack - Brand Identity