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some people are standing on a dock near the water and grass in front of them
a woman leaning against a wall with flowers growing on it and a blue door in the background
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a woman in white dress and straw hat looking at orange trees
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a glass pitcher filled with lemon slices on top of a woven place mat next to a candle
a person on a bike with flowers in the basket and someone's hand reaching for it
a woman riding a pink bike with a basket
a hammock is set up on the rocks by the ocean with towels and buckets
two people laying on the ground reading books in the grass next to some trees and bushes
a woman is laying in bed with her feet up on the edge of an airplane
an open book is sitting on a rock next to a blanket and other items near the water
the person is riding their bike on the street with her hand on the handlebars
a plate of food is sitting on a blanket near the ocean with a bird flying in the background
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a man riding a bike down a street next to a lush green field at sunset
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