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five rocks with different designs on them sitting next to each other
Into the Caves! by 4th grade
a piece of paper with the words diy cave paintings lesson on lascaux
DIY "Cave Paintings" (a Lesson on Lascaux)
four stickers depicting different types of animals and people with hair on their heads, sitting next to each other
an elephant with long tusks is shown in black and white on a plain background
Printable Mammoth Template
an elephant made out of straw sitting on top of a green table next to a cup
La Prehistoria/Proyecto/aula 5 años
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Manualidad hacha
some rocks are sitting on the floor with different designs and shapes painted on them,
an image of some animals drawn in black and white on a piece of parchment paper
several bones are laid out on the floor
How to Make A Bone Necklace From Salt Dough: Stone Age Fancy Dress