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Situations problèmes

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Color Matching + Counting Activity for Kids    Today i am going to share this simple counting and matching activity that most kids will enjoy.


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Fiches de numération différenciées cycle 1


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Activités avec les ours / oursons de tri - Milestory
Ours de tri Nathan

Suites organisées

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chamasi: formes geometriques maternelle
Les solides : Trier les différents solides - Mes tresses D Zécolles


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an image of paper cut outs with shapes and colors on them, including a traffic light
formes geometriques maternelle
chamasi: formes geometriques maternelle
an image of a car made out of blocks and cubes with the number 1 on it
an image of a card with the word sledding on it and two colorful shapes
an image of cat and dog made out of paper
Jessica's Animals Pattern Block Templates
Animals Pattern Block Templates from Jessica's Corner of Cyberspace
three different types of flowers are shown in this graphic style, with the same color and shape
an image of a cartoon character made out of colored blocks and arrows with the words peter pan on it
Pirates - Jessica's Corner of Cyberspace
A series of printable pattern block mats featuring Pirates
the pattern blocks bird is shown in blue, yellow and green colors with an arrow on it
Pattern Blocks Print - Class Playground
two green and yellow flowers on top of a red box with the word flowers written below it
Spring Designs - Jessica's Corner of Cyberspace
an orange square with some colorful shapes on it
Winter Designs - Jessica's Corner of Cyberspace
an origami christmas ribbon is shown in red and green