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a person holding a pillow with the words, when i roll laundry bundles, bring in another week's worth of groceries
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Seven Sentences I Wish I'd Read Sooner - Steven Bartlett Quotes
a quote that reads, god goes to those who have time to hear him and go on
Christmas Quote - Max Lucado
Simplify Christmas - make time to listen for the voice of God.
a house in the snow with a quote on it that says, the plants and the earth are resting maybe we should too
7 Ways to Lean Into a Season of REST
"The plants and earth are resting. Maybe we should too." 7 Ways to Accept and Lean Into a Season of REST #rest #selfcare #takecareofyourself #slowdown #slowliving #simpleliving
a person writing on a notebook with the quote so, what does trust look like when we're asked to be still?
child walking on a log
The Wisdom Traditions - Iain McGilchrist & Muhammed Foulds
a quote that says go out more, keep cheerful as well as busy for you are the sunshine maker of the family and if you get dismal
The Little Women Guide to Homemaking
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says, the unattended garden will soon be overturn with weeds
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a woman standing next to a body of water with a hat on her head and the words, we spend a lot of time looking for happiness when the world right around us is full of wonder