Triangle of Life

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a bunch of owls sitting on top of a piece of wooden planked paper with the words
Owl Clipart - 28 Hand Drawn Owl Cliparts - Owl Logo Art - Owl Logo Elements - Owl Illustration - ACGABW58
an illustration of various plants on a wooden background
Leaf Botanical Clipart 84 Hand Drawn Leaf Branches Clipart Leaf Logo Art Botanical Logo Elements Botanical Illustration ACGABW13 - Etsy
a person holding up some cards with plants on them next to paintbrushes and paints
Custom Tiny Framed House Plant Watercolor Desktop Sized Mini Framed Painting Houseplant Crazy Plant Lady Gift - Etsy UK
a row of trees with different colored leaves
Row Trees Watercolor, Painting, Art Print, Nature, Trees, Watercolor Painting - Etsy
dragon cliparts on lined paper with the words dragon and four different types of wings
Dragonfly Clipart 11 Hand Drawn Dragonfly Cliparts Bugs Logo Art Bugs Logo Elements Dragonfly Illustration 128 - Etsy