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Limes in the pot
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Things I do before I bring my new plants in the house (pest proof my plants)
Items used: • Watering can: • Spray can: • Systemic House Plant Insect Control: • Cotton gloves : • Neem oil: • Castile soap: • Water: • Peppermint oil: +Affiliate Link Disclaimer: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! ✨Like, Comment & For More Videos!! ✨ • ✨SUBSCRIBE HERE: ✨ • ✨MY PLANTY LINKS HERE:
Learn how to reduce stress on your plant while transplanting with @whitneys.flora from IG! 🪴
Here’s a few of my top medium to low light houseplants ☀️
How to make houseplants look fuller instantly!
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Alocasia Frydek Repotting
Check out how I repotted my Alocasia :) Visit the link to read all about Alocasia care!
My Simple 3 Ingredient Houseplant Soil Mix!
Having a good, well-draining soil mix that is light and airy is one of the best ways you can set yourself up for success as a plant parent! This is the recipe for my simple 3-ingredient houseplant soil mix that will have your plants LOVING life! You’ll need to add equal parts of potting mix, orchid bark, and perlite into a large container and give it a good mix to combine everything well. This soil mix creates an environment that strikes the perfect balance between moisture retention, structure, aeration, and drainage! #plantparenthood #soil #plantcare #indoorjungle
An easy hack when potting up a new plant
Difficulty: Easy What you’ll need: • Soil • Plant in a nursery pot • A new pot (2 inches larger than the nursery pot)
Cactus Propagation
Did you know you can root cacti cuttings in water? 😊 These 2 guys spent 4-5 weeks in water and look at the nice roots they've grown. I know it might sound counterintuitive - cacti in water, but it works. . I always encourage you all to experiment, try out new things. This was something new I decided to try.
Snip a leaf that has a good amount of nodes on it
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How to Propagate Roses!
For amazing Roses feed the Rooted Leaf Carbon Based Fertilizer! Awesome video created by @soilphu
Aloe plants are resilient and amazing plants to have. Great care hack here!
I️ have done a video about reporting plants before but also being able to pluck and cut away dead or broken parts is crucial restoring a plants health. As well as doing the tie trick to restructure is growth formation! • Great video by @plantswithkrystal on tik tok. She has awesome content and such great energy about her. Give her a follow on tik tok.
Potting my snake 🐍 plant propagations
How to Grow Berries with.. a slice!
If you are passionate about growing your own food, living a more sustainable lifestyle, and investing in yourself, please check out the link in my bio! I will help you find the best tools, gadgets, and solutions for all your needs. P.S. I have found the Best products out there, so you don't have to! Video Credit to: