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the words prints for soft summer are light, low contrast, small scale, and subtle
SOFT SUMMER 🌞🍁 Fun facts: 🌞Soft Summer is cool and muted 🌞Fairly common at 10% of the North American population 🌞Defined by low contrast/chroma 🌞Has a broad range of value from light to dark Want to learn more about Soft Summer (or any season)? Comment “EXPLORE” to get the link. #softsummer #summerautumn #softsummercolors #softsummerpalette #softsummermakeup #softsummerdeep #softsummercolours #softsummercolorpalette #softsummerinspo #coloranalysis #coloranalyst #seasonalcoloranalysis #12se...
the perfect pink for every season
the perfect pink for summer seasons
Are you ready to find the perfect shade of pink for every color season? In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the best pinks for Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, helping you enhance your natural beauty and personal style. Discover the psychology behind pink, learn how to incorporate it into your work wardrobe, and explore expert tips for mixing and matching. Keywords: perfect pink, color season, personal style, work wardrobe, fashion tips, pink shades, seasonal colors.
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