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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bts memes
several pictures of the same person in suits and ties, with caption that says everyone's looking good except what the fock
Excuse the language please
some people are laying down and sleeping together
two pictures of the same person with different hair colors, one is wearing a red and black dress
the four members of one direction are shown in this collage with words above them
Not just a nerd I mean anyone really because BAM this could happen
two different pictures with the same person drinking from a plastic cup and one has a straw in his mouth
Я: *показывает фотку своего биаса* Он милаш правда? Друг: Они все выглядят одинаково . Чонгуки: Не смей.... Жиза-прежиза
the many faces of young men with different expressions and words on their faces, including one that says'what's your name? marry me? i do i do
the four members of btt's boy band are shown in three different pictures
Actually I proudly know this person cause that side of him is my favourite
some people are wearing glasses and one is holding an item with the caption that says, when rappers look even cuter with glasses and then we have seven
Rayban Sunglasses on X
Ray Ban Round Flash Mirrored Sunglasses Artista gold copper colored sunglasses by Ray Ban. They reflect like a mirror and are a very pretty copper/ rose gold color. 100% UV protection* wire rimmed round sunglasses. There are nose pads as well. Ray-Ban Accessories Sunglasses
Oh Yeah really?! I dare anyone to say that again. Nct, Kdrama, Yg Entertainment, Korean K Pop, Baekhyun, Kpop Groups
Oh Yeah really?! I dare anyone to say that again.
two pictures with the same caption in different languages, one has an image of three boys
So true
SOOOOO TRUEE HAHAHAHA XD Exo Memes, Kdrama Funny, Exo, Monsta X, Lay Exo